Queen of Sheba restaurant. Yemeni and Mediterranian Cuisine in Paddington Westminster London

Queen of Sheba restaurant Paddington Westminster

Queen of Sheba Restaurant Paddington Westminster

'Welcome to Queen of Sheba Restaurant', London

Abu Mazen says that his idea to open the restaurant was not just for the Arabs, it was for the Europeans and other foreigners as well as the local Englishmen and women, to give them the flavour of Yemeni food.He tried over and over in different places to achieve his dream and never gave up the pursuit.

It was not until June 2005 that he opened his Queen of Sheba restaurant in the Paddington at the heart of Westminster. He decorated the restaurant with Yemeni artefacts, including antiques and pictures from Yemen. There is also an oven that serves fresh bread to customers and a small Arabic mafraj.

Abu Mazen said that he thanked God who helped him to bring that homely atmosphere to his restaurant.!

Queen of Sheba Restaurant
3/4 Bouverie Place
Paddington / Off Edgware Road
W2 1RE
Phone: 0207 402 6667


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Queen of Sheba

Your Local Middle Eastern, First Yemeni Restaurant, Queen of Sheba based in Paddington area, off Edgware Road, Westminster. Home away from home for the homesick Yemeni / Middle Eastern people living in London, can now find a taste of home at the Queen of Sheba, the first Middle Eastern / Yemeni restaurant in Paddington, with close proximity to Edgware Road (Off), at the heart of Westminster Borough. The restaurant offers a wide range of Yemeni food cooked by Yemenis, as well as a great atmosphere and a smiling staff that makes all feel welcome in The Queen of Sheba, in Paddington / Edgware Road, Westminster.